Posted by: Boldwood | February 19, 2010

Bleeding heart..

Tonite she and her gang invited me out

but my heart with you

Wise men said “distance makes the heart grows fonder..”

Indeed it is.

Whenever I am with her  and the gang, I kept thinking about you

wondering what and where you are!

Remembering the days,  I looked into thy eyes

My glossy and teary eyes on the day both of me and she about to

leave your cosy home

It was a dream to me and it was exactly to be a decade now

Time flies and waits for no men, yes, I m now going to be 54 but

I wont be celebrating my birthday .. dont send me birthday greetings

I hate them as it is nothing physical.  It is just not the same

Everything changed, please forgive me

as I long to be in the company of you both

but since you both are not in good terms

I have to be with her
Please understand I am also a boy

I have feelings

I need a woman to complete my life



  1. Mr Boldwood, are you that in love with somebody ?

  2. Any normal man would fall in love once or many times in life.
    Get your life, Cabai merah!!!

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