Posted by: Boldwood | February 20, 2010

Leaving home

Leaving home is just heart breaking

as I have to leave my girlfriend and wife to be at home

Leaving home is tiring

as I have to fly like a bird to a faraway place to work

Leaving home is getting sicker each time

as I have to face departures to all those I loved

I have to face all those teary eyes to send me off

Leaving home means duty abound to do

Leaving home is a must and seeking solace

in the horizon that cannot be viewed by the eyes

Leaving home is my peace but innerly

it is an escape to leave her behind

Leaving home is reality to embroid myself

to work doubly hard and to forget all what

have happened to me all those years

No, the image keeps showing up

No, I cannot stand of not visiting her blogs

even for a second if I am in the net

No, I cannot go to sleep without peeping into

her window and see what she is writing or reading

Yes, I am in fact very jealous of her

if she is still closer to her so called bf

who had been mistreating her all those years

Yes, I worry most of all, she is being hurt over and

over again

Yes, I want to protect her

Yes, I want to face her

Yes, I want to embrace her

Yes, I want to believe that she is mine forever

Yes, I will dream she is smiling in her most

gracious smile in my embrace

Yes, I am only dreaming

Yes, future is uncertain as I once spoke

acknowledged by her and

She quickly faced a different direction

that made me broke to tears, choking to speak among the crowd

Yes, in my deep chamber, I asked God, why God never sent me

the girl I would fall in love in time than this time of my life?

God, why in my walking in and out of life, I never met those young ladies

in their world? Why? Why? Why?

Yes, I cried deep red and with swollen eyes daily with my pillow wet

and it was that day, she saw it, she knew it and she asked about it

through the mails but I never dare to explicit it… knowingly if I said

it, it would hurt her more as she is reading my mind as she is a very

intelligent and understanding girl, I ever met.

The world is so cruel to me

When I was young, I wish to grow up to have a beautiful wife

who holds a sound University degree

but I couldnt commit myself to such burden and responsibility

as it was too heavy for me to carry such a string

and by this time of my life journey, I am serious to commit

I am just too old to get married..

thus, I remain myself as a true BOLDwood



  1. Thank you for looking at my blog. I have been terribly busy. But, I am home for a few weeks recovering from a minor surgery, so I will be sure to write and post. 🙂

    • sort like have 4gotten ur blog as it couldnt be traced back! take care & speedy recovery! 8)

  2. Hi, very interesting reading.
    My wife was alone most times for about 15 years while I climbed up the Corporate ladder reaching for the stars.
    And she stood by me all the way, hardly seeing me, maybe 2 or 3 days in a week, sometimes, in a month as I would be out of town, out of State, out of country on business.

    It was when I reached the moon, I decided to give up everything and devote my life to my wife.
    So as not to get tempted to continue on my kind of work life, I brought her to Canada, to start life again.
    Regrets I have, but too few to mention.
    Best regards, Lee.

    • 4me i dont think i can get a wife at my age already. after decades of rolling stone, there is no moss grown on my stones!
      i only carry 2 dangling balls as i hunched… but you must be still a luckier lot after so many years of wonderous flirting and hope that you are indeed not sharing a wife of some one leaving some 15 years…

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