Posted by: Boldwood | February 21, 2010

Daily …

Wake up, wake up, wake up

4:00 am, 4:30am or even 3:30 am

Sometimes, 5:00 am at times 5:30 the latest

Why life is such?

Early years wishing growing up

Fully educated, go working

Settling down

with children

Children grow up, grow up, grow up

Study good, better, best

Life getting busier and harder

Dollars in, Dollars out

Tired, energy depleted

no internal vitality

but life still has to go on

is there a HOPE for such a life?

Skeptical, selfishness, there you are

as a man, you failed to do what a man should

do hunting since civilisation and even

the caveman felt that he should be hunting food for

all the ones in the family

Thus, I would rather stay alone not to get

married to have such responsibility in my life

to be alone also has its sweetness.

Why should I bother to share all my earnings with

all those I have to bear?

I, remain, as BOldwood…



  1. If you continue, you will get old too soon….

    Yes, very soon.

    Like me.

    • That is why LOL ppl said, even bachelor like me also no money even though I worked sooooooooo hard…!

      Take more ginsengs to keep young and virile..

  2. Life’s not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.
    Just live your life the way you want it to be….and when that day comes to leave this world, you can say you have used up all the talents HE gave you.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

    • No worry, Uncle Lee, luckily I can flirt with a few women in my life though they are somebody’s wives.. but I just minum kopi OOOO saja lah… like you do LOL..

  3. Hi Boldwood, ha ha, There’s a saying, do not monkey with another monkey’s monkey unless you’re King Kong, ha ha. Have a nice day, Lee.

    • Hehehe…Uncle Lee, That’s life… nice to meet you half way.. may we meet at the Ballroom to see how monkeys work with other monkeys??? !!!

  4. @ Uncle Lee, even a chimpanzee is able to frighten away other monkeys!!!

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