Posted by: Boldwood | February 27, 2010

Where R u hiding all these while?

Dear sweet heart,

I know that sometimes you feel that I want to give up on this relationship, I admit that is true, but then, I would remember the time when I asked the Lord before we’ve met, to give me someone I could love with all my heart and would love me in return, someone I can grow old with to spend my happy and lonesome memories, someone who I can call mine and give myself into, and someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with through all ups and downs, for better or worse. And that’s when I always realize that God gave me you; the answer to my prayer. And I thank Him that for all the millions of women here, He leads you to me.

I promise that whatever struggles we have to endure in our relationship, I would still hold onto our love because I believe that this is just the way of God to teach us to be strong and faithful to each other. That after this trial we will still be together and start our new life together with a better future ahead of us. I thank God for you and thank you for being you. I love you now and I’m sure I’ll love you even more


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