Posted by: Boldwood | March 7, 2010


What is life?

Why life?

What is whole life?

What is life journey?

All are sweet, happy, glamorous, bitter, sad, difficult, lonely

I still cant sleep even though my body is so tired,he has been calling you

to go to sleep, but you are still there!

I know I cant reach the stars as you do but I have my own life

my own barrier to go through and my boundary to control me too…

What is life ? to be set free? no, I cant fly like a bird but sure I have the spirit

like the migratory bird who can fly high and soar far one day

to a faraway place where no body will know me

where nobody can find me like you are now to me ….

yes, the day is coming nearer and nearer…

I want to see the North Pole, S outh Pole and further more the icy islands

of the world…

let my ashes be spreaded into those islands and I live 4ever there as a

lonely soul…


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