Posted by: Boldwood | May 2, 2010


Without me today, what house you can live in today? How much we paid on you all?  U think all money from him kah?

Without my golden house for mortgage, you got materialised your house? Without my cheque for ur down payt of your car, you got ur car today? Today, you paid back any cent? or any TQ from you?

You take things all for granted, as if I m from a diff.clan to enter your family to do like a pig to work like a mule.

You idiot bastard of your kind.. no wonder no man likes / loves you until you are still an old virgin of your own as you have said the school children will even said about you if you go teaching.

no wonder! How can you grow up ? You expect others money like water!

Your old mother’s words, what words are that important who is a gambler cum smoker for life? Your father even put ur bro’s name to bankruptcy… what a shame to say more about ur family!


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