Posted by: Boldwood | May 2, 2010

Why taking granted..

Here the emails from the bastards…

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 02:44:09 +0800
Subject: continue – house

may i repeat what we thought for the last time.

we are all 40+ and getting older.
we wish to sell the existing house mainly because its poor condition. besides, right now there are a lot of Indonesians/Bugis? around P…….area, it will become an unsecured place to live with in the next few years.
meantime, we wish to find a comfortable and small new house, it is based on the following reasons :
1.  no need to manage the big compound around.
2. it is easy to clean and manage.
3. we are getting older. we hope to get a new small and comfortable house to settle down before
we are getting sick/lost of memory. and, without worry about the poor condition of the house as
the existing one.
4. we are sure, this is the last chance we can get the loan. it wouldn’t be another round in view of
our age.
i think that’s all for our message. it is very clear.
Sent: Friday, 30 Apr, 2010 6: 26 AM
Everybody owns a house and everybody has to do the compound matters.. not only you ppl r getting old, we r even getting old faster as we r older.. it is a concept of life!  (I will create an email of his soon, so that he will directly talk to u  in more detailed ways  if there is a need..)

As said earlier, dont worry just do as you wish.. as  (.. ) has granted … but he wanted (…)   to call him up.


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