Posted by: Boldwood | May 20, 2010

“My Mother”

She bore 14 children of us all until her ass -hole broke but she still looked beautiful, isnt it so I blogged about her lol.  U didnt see her?

That was my 3 elder brothers, do you see that we all adopt her tilted eyebrows!.

I wish to get a wife as beautiful as my mother but i can never get one but can only fuck around with my only and only one but yet she was already fucked longtime ago when I met her as her virgin hole was already somebody’s already!

I wrote so many anonymous names and I am so happy, I earn handsomely even the biggest shot up there didnt know that I am fucking around..

But tell you, you wont be spared long! ..just watch..

I love my mother now but when young, i was the prodigy son who always made her unhappy because I was an adamant “cow headed” son.

That is why until today, I still rolled on and wish to land on a lichen to hold but no mosses come around only the old mosses already.  i rolled to Penang, Sabah and every where to Korea, Taiwan and wrote in different blogs, but u didnt get the concrete prove which one is mine , right?

I laughed out every night b4 I slept but my health is catching up so at times, I start to think of the coffins around me which day I will leave and without saying a sorry to you b4 I hurt you so much. I owed you so much too ‘coz I took so much of your $$ $ once.

I will die with the sin in me but God will forgive me.

That is why you come to see my blog lol or else such a bloody blog you also want to read!


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