Posted by: Boldwood | June 7, 2010

A barrier

Each day, it’s a barrier ..

To call or not to..

To write or not to..

To double confirm u there or not to…

I dare not.. I dare not, I tell myself

It is a shame to know more… I m 2lowly to be taken of… yes, you yourself wrote it out that I m such an ashamed person…  u dont have to write here and there about me, I doubly tell you again.

You hurt me over and over.  U dont think I dont know whatever you write in the blogs…  I m not a dead wood yet!

If that “shame” in me has awoken me decades ago, I wont even call a single time, nor write a single time… I have my ego2…

Yes, I m even more egoist than you, only you havent known it.. It’s you who came with her to my front gate and asked for assistance

and each time being lured by her to do the jobs.. what did I gain today? Only at the sneer and sheer by you, shits!..

Not everyone deserves my call, just to let you know, not every one deserves my mailing either or soever help…

That is me…do you know it??? Dont still dream  n hurt me over and over in your writing.  YOu take as fun and earning money but I can vouch you wont go far..

A liar in me or in you, you will come to an end … of the show…


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