Posted by: Boldwood | June 7, 2010

me.. today

The  day started with great triumph as I set on the long journey home

and each phase of it, brought you along in my heart… each rhymn of my heart beats, you were telling me to keep calm

but it just died off, when i saw my damn home being in that condition that not up to my expection that they up keep…

i even couldnt stay for overnight now.. so many times, i have to set back journey back home here.. and it was not only tiring, damn dangerous as rain fell coupled with darkness fell..

to call up u, 2bla, what was installed in me, anger and everything, knew you wont bother to listen as used 2say 2busy or else what!.. not more to say to write to u again, … thinking over, 2bother u again, is a real shame 2me again.. i cant handle my own problems..

at least at e-home rest assured, there r some one who is able to read and may be he could reply or at least read it …

well know, u r in ur egoisit self, nthg i can commend, after all, me as a lesser educated than u, nthg comparable 2 talk 2u now.. i have known since the lst day i got hold of u.. u r of high esteem.. but i thought may b just have a try of that.. but u seemed further each day as u r 2highly educated on self importance.. yes, me such lowly educated, how 2b comprehensive as compared 2u then..

when i need u, u r also nowhere… let’s self get healed.. ambigience.. may b.. listen 2much of the hate matters since young..

O god, tears just dripping down the cheeks, who knows..


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