Posted by: Boldwood | June 27, 2010


Silently I come daily and discreetly I leave

thinking without a trace of my foot prints

but never knew if she knew… it..

Would you think you can do as you wish…

Every where words were abound, mouths were found too many!..

Speaking no evils, thinking no evils, thoughts no evils but who is the

most evil of all???

Mirror 2 of the heaven, he knows, most.. the most high priest who commits

sins and yet he tries to hide and bide..

O yeah, just heavenly father knows, he is also a man only…

the world is just too small to know..

YOu who thought you can write better than another and stabs

as you limp along, but in this internet, let’s see how u try to trail…

Discreetly, I go and faraway … I will 4get..

Would you think you will 4get unless you are dead!!!…


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