Posted by: Boldwood | June 27, 2010


wants love yet dare not

but only peep

peep yet got guilty but


spam yet not but

… what happiness I am in the faraway land

Pieces were unable to be mended ‘coz I rejected you

in the lst place and now I m regretting here…

To apologize or to say sorry but my egoism holds me

so high as a scholarlistic guy

damn high why shud I apologize nor say sorry!

Ahah.. cousin mu sama muka .. world is indeed small like a small “hell”

to walk into that “loon” like a “den” to be fed!!!..

Bullshit he looks sama mu indeed~!

Blew the trumphet until any bird dies to d ground as any lady he

tries to flirt!… huh!

What a small “hell’ world sama “Loris” mama store!….

Barber2 uncle thy … little tiny old man’s guy! whereas Loris’s mum’s weight

could threw him down at any time!..

Ahaha.. what a “hell” world den it was..

Ahah.. what a “hell” world …


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