Posted by: Boldwood | July 4, 2010

~ men ~

We men are egosit

full of pride

yet no leadership but

challenged wifeys often

we r the special bred

Whenever out of sight of wifeys

we can behave like a rat dancing down

the lane into the city hole

to see another big “mouse”

however and yet city streets were not our  familiar tracks

thus losing its way is our common way

but up high into the mountain tracks we r another mouse

gallopping like another horse with the Cindrella on the back

As wifeys will think we r on our way to work

in fact it was once of our finest trick that wifeys could not figure it

out until the day we are too weak to be moved with the four limbs

laying straight in bed where wifeys have to take care of us.

Hey, bastards of your kind, wifeys at that instance would be dancing more than you did and see who is sick at that longing period in bed..

Out kick your sick bones, only think of those bitches around you

the earlier deep into that dump hole, the earlier the better.



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